Hear it from our members

Competition is something that I love being around. G6 definitely provides the competitive atmosphere while still being able to make personal connections!
Elijah Perez
It’s all about the people here and the relationships I’ve made being new to the area. I’ve also got some great workouts in!
Anthony Flett
Mansfield, TX
The community of G6 is so friendly and welcoming, it feels like home.
Jordan Braswell
Other workouts and gyms are boring! I stay involved and challenged at G6. I feel stronger and in 100% better shape than when I started!
Holly Belvin
Grand Prairie
This place is my fit fam and we all build each other up to make one another not only stronger physically, but mentally as well! There is no better box!
Monica Agueros
This is the best Crossfit box I have attended! Great coaching staff, wonderful group of athletes, and very well kept facility! Always challenging and fulfilling!
Simone Hicks
Mansfield TX
I am stronger mentally and physically since I started. But I love the most are the members and the relationships built in our community. Great people, great coaches, great owners.
Whitney McGhee
Not only does this gym help me meet my physical goals, but has helped build confidence. The coaches are amazing!! Not only that, but it is more than just a gym, it’s family.
Laura A.
Mansfield, TX
More than a gym, g6 is truly a community! The coaches and athletes care more than just about your next PR. Not 2mention-amazing equipment, knowledgeable coaches & clean facility!
Rae Buchanan
Grand Prairie Tx
The community at G6 is like family. They’ll be there to support you and cheer you on, both inside and outside the gym
Stephanie Weichel
Arlington, Texas
I love this gym for so many reasons. I have gained so much physical strength, endurance, and lost weight. The coaches and members are great and so supportive!
Alicia Reeves
Arlington, TX
G6 gives me happiness. I love being here whether is in class or just working alone. It has a special energy, owners and coaches truly care for each member.
Yanira Fosnaugh
Mansfield Texas
I've been at G6 for over 6 years, and it' the best decision for my health I've ever made. I've gotten stronger over the years, and I can do things I once thought were impossible!
Jennifer Zappa
Mansfield, TX
I’ve been able to gain confidence in myself and feel comfortable with they way I look. All coaches are inspiring and they motivate and push you to your limit. Awesome place & peeps
Ashley Green
Arlington, TX
I love everything about this box and it’s owners. They are loving, athlete and community centered, and the physical enhancement doesn’t hurt 🤪
Jackie Todd
Mansfield, TX
I’m physically and mentally stronger than I have ever been. The community at G6 is the reason I stay and continue to improve! Best gym in Mansfield!!
Mansfield, TX
Everyone here pushes you to be the best athlete you can be. I feel I have improved more in my time here than I did at my previous gym.
Rebecca May
Great gym with great people. Classes for all levels are offered and the coaching is top notch. I’ve never felt fitter; mentally and physically stronger!
Stephanie C.
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